PET/CT Disconnect Panels

PET-CT, Nuclear-CT, PET-MR & Nuclear Disconnect Panels

Bevco ISC offers combination modality disconnect panels in standard and custom configurations, and can design custom panels tailored to your needs quickly and cost-effectively. These devices operate in much the same way as a CT disconnect panel, but with special accommodations for PET or nuclear technology. Our disconnect panels are effective solutions for combination imaging systems.
Bevco disconnect panels provide emergency shutdown, overcurrent protection, and remote electrical tripping capabilities, serve as local disconnects for these systems, and meet OSHA Lock Out/Tag Out (LOTO) provisions. Following accidental power loss, our disconnect panels restore power to imaging equipment after a brief delay, allowing incoming power to stabilize. This helps reduce the potential for damage that power fluctuations can cause to sensitive electronic devices.
onnect panels are compatible with all manufacturers’ equipment. Give us the make and model of your system, and we will provide an efficient, easy to install solution. Or, we can quickly design and manufacture a custom disconnect panel that matches your unique requirements.
Everything required for installation is included with each panel, including wiring diagrams for connecting incoming power, emergency controls, and cooling system power. Each disconnect panel is pre-configured for power and control signals.
Features & Benefits:
·         UL and cUL listed, labeled, and tested; conforms to National Electric Code
·         Standard configurations are suitable for use in 25kA short-circuit current rated power systems
·         Optional high short-circuit current ratings and numerous custom configurations are available
·         Installation time is reduced with single-point power connection
·         Optional surge suppressor feature to protect sensitive electronics during instances of poor power quality
·         Optional power monitoring feature with email & text message alert capabilities
·         Standard designs speed disconnect approval and manufacturing, and eliminate installation delays
·         Includes 2 remote emergency off-wall mounted pushbuttons
·         High quality components and designs eliminate guesswork
·         Technical support before, during, and after installation provided by Bevco’s experienced design team
·         For operator safety, all designs utilize low voltage control circuits
·         Factory testing ensures high quality and reliability
·         Full capacity ground bars accommodate ground conductors sized as power conductors
·         Semi-flush or surface mounting
·         Numerous accessories also available
·         Made in the USA
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