In addition to our X-Ray, MRI, and CT disconnect panels,  MRI suite-compatible DC lighting controllers, and other products, Bevco ISC offers a wide range of accessory equipment to improve the safety and performance of your diagnostic imaging suite. This includes:

Optional surge suppressors for disconnect panels to protect imaging equipment during times of poor power quality
Optional power monitors for disconnect panels that provide email and text message alerts of events related to the power system
Uninterruptible power supplies (UPS)
Special non-ferrous DC lighting fixtures
X-Ray wall ducts and floor trench ducts
RF and magnetic shielding products
Life-safety products
X-Ray In Use and other custom warning lights
Electric safety door switches
Access flooring
Lamps for DC lighting fixtures
Patient monitoring security systems
General imaging room lighting and specialized lighting fixtures
and more
Contact Bevco ISC today to place an order, or for more information on our diagnostic imaging suite accessories.